Inspiration and Encouragement

From Marion...

Everyone likes to be inspired and encouraged. Christians have learned that the Bible is a great source of such comforts. The messages in this book draw upon some of the most vital Bible teachings and attempt to make them useful for the reader. They were originally written for oral delivery by youths for the purpose of inspiring adults.

Basically, these messages are designed to be frequent reminders of God’s love, of his power, of his patience, of his grace, of his protection, of his dependability, of his forgiveness, and of his desire to pour out blessings on those who are faithful to him. Frequent reminders of these attributes of God tend to draw people to the Lord and lead to a closer walk with him. And what goal in life can be greater than to have a close walk with God! If the entries in this book serve to draw people closer to God…its purpose will be accomplished!

Hopefully this book will be used in a variety of ways, especially for personal

and family devotionals. It can be used in Sunday School classes or in youth

groups. There may be ideas which can suggest sermon material. It is the hope—

and prayer—of the author that as many people as possible may receive benefits

from these messages.

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